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NJ Transit

NJ Transit Northern Bus Facilities

New Jersey Transit Northern Bus Maintenance Facility – Beginning in 2020 GTS has provided multiple survey needs for the planning and engineering of the new Bus Maintenance Facility. Related tasks included Aerial targeting, Boundary Survey, Supplementary Planimetric Survey, Utility Locations and Wetlands Survey. Deliverables included Boundary and Planimetric mapping for the entire facility, Wetlands mapping and GIS related files for DEP Permits.


Tunnel Project

Trans Hudson Express (THE) Tunnel/ NY & NJ/ Gateway Tunnel

Beginning in 20XX GTS has provided Survey and Right-of-Way services for this multi-billion-dollar project for the design of a new state-of-the-art, two track tunnel under the Hudson River and a new rail terminal under 34th Street adjacent to the current Penn Station.  The project also included new track capacity on the Northeast Corridor and a connection to trail lines in various counties providing a one-seat ride and more trains to and from Manhattan. 

Port Authority

Port Authority NJ/NY

Beginning in 2016 GTS has been continuously dedicated in meeting the comprehensive needs of the Port Authority’s Survey Department on project efforts within their various jurisdictions (e.g., JFS Airport).

County Parks

Middlesex County Parks

Middlesex County Parks – Beginning in 2021, GTS Provided Planimetric and Boundary survey on 4 County owned sites for related updating at these sites. These sites included a county owned park, a county owned golf course, a county owned office building, and police training facility.


Newark South Side Interceptor


Lakewood MUA

Lakewood MUA – GTS has been working with the Lakewood MUA since 2000 on various projects and on- call services. Types of projects include; inspection of on going projects, engineering plan reviews, as-builts of installed MUA type equipment, Boundary and Planimetric Surveys of MUA owned properties for updating to MUA pump stations and other related equipment.